Welcome to Nysteria Solutions, Nigerian web application developers.

Thank you for visiting us. We are application developers, specializing in Open Source technolgoy. We love to create and build ideas and solutions.

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Here's How It All Started

Nysteria Solutions is a web design & development company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Comprising of personnel with varied experience & skill sets in diverse domains within the field of Information Technology, We percieve ourselves as Information Architects with a resilient desire to add Value through the array of our products-cum-services and experiences. Our Competitive Edge however has been in honing on the resolutions of our proactive thinking & strategic planning as core Values. An act that has enabled us surpass the expectations of ourselves and gladly, our Clients. Providing just traditional web design & development, we believe, is boring.

Our Commitment to You

Our staff have done a few studies on ethics and integrity. We have also understood the value of communication both internally and also with our clients. Our commitment to you is our word which we promise to communicate to you in honesty

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Apart from other solutions we render, we can boldly say we have gotten a hang of the world wide web. With over four years in the web development industry, we have mastered the market and its behaviors. We believe that for your message to be efficiently propagated to the world, then your platform needs to be attractive and also simple to use. At Nysteria Solutions, we practice what we believe.

Fully Featured Websites

We use the best combination of open source and commercial software to build our websites.

Beautiful, Custom Designs

We create fresh ideas for every new client we take on - No two websites are alike.

Meet Our Consultants

We fix an appointment where you tell us what you do and then we talkk about how the end product will look and feel

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We Put Our Resources To Work

We go back to the drawing table to sketch and plunk codes to get your ideas into reality(making fun of jerry in the process)

Voilla! A nysteria solution

We give life and color to your ideas, make the corrections and adjustments that may arise, then we go LIVE. Oh! Always ask for the extra nysteria benefits

Best Application developers in Nigeria?

Looking for the best application developers in Nigeria?


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With our Analytic tools, search engine optimization initiatives, your business can take a new shape. Oh, don't forget our Client Support Appliation!

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our ERP solution offers a simple solution to registration, control, planning and analysis of all parts of copmany's activities.

Content Management Systems

We could create bespoke content management systems depending on your organization's need. We also have a hang of the various Open Source Solutions that we may see fit for your business.

NysReport Card

This is our contribution to creating a better educational system, starting with Nigiera, using the best tools put together by experienced programmers.